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Welcome to Gamer Choice, where you can find premium Growtopia accounts that will unlock a world of creativity and adventure. Growtopia is a unique sandbox game that allows players to build, trade, and interact with a vibrant community of players from around the world. With a pre-built account, you'll have access to a wide range of items, rare collectibles, and a head start in creating your own virtual world.

Endless Creativity:

Unleash your creativity and build unique worlds using a vast selection of blocks, items, and decorations. Design stunning landscapes, intricate mazes, or immersive game levels that can be shared with the global Growtopia community. Express yourself through your creations and let your imagination run wild.

Trading and Economy:

Engage in a dynamic player-driven economy by trading items with other players. Discover rare and valuable items to expand your collection or sell them for profit. The marketplace is filled with endless opportunities to buy, sell, and trade, allowing you to amass wealth and acquire coveted items.

Exciting Events and Challenges:

Participate in regular events and challenges that offer unique rewards and exclusive items. Put your skills to the test in competitions, quests, and mini-games. The ever-changing landscape of Growtopia keeps you engaged and provides new experiences to enjoy.

Experience the limitless possibilities of Growtopia with a pre-built account from Gamer Choice. Build, trade, and socialize in a vibrant virtual world where your imagination knows no bounds. Get your Growtopia account today and embark on a journey of creativity and adventure like never before!

About Growtopia

Welcome to Growtopia, the world’s most creative sandbox! This is a 2D platformer MMO where everyone is a hero! Jump into a multiverse of unlimited pixel worlds – astonishing opportunities to Build, Punch, Break, and Grow await! Create mind-bending block masterpieces with friends and fill them with anything your heart desires!
There are no rules, no limits for your fun – just countless worlds where you create whatever you want... with whomever you like!

BUILD literally anything – castles, dungeons, skyscrapers, artwork, puzzles - even your favorite movie scenes!
JOIN OUR ENORMOUS COMMUNITY - millions of players are waiting for you!
PLAY THOUSANDS OF MINI GAMES from parkour and races to PVP battles and ghost hunting!
UNIQUE crafting process! PLANT seeds, SPLICE seeds, GROW trees - find your own way to create rare items!
MONTHLY UPDATES! We do our best to entertain you with exciting monthly updates involving new items and events!
EXPLORE countless unique worlds - you can enter any of them!
CROSS PLATFORM! Play anywhere – on any of your mobile devices or using the desktop client, - the progress is shared!

BE AWARE! This is an online game about collecting items – make sure to keep them safe
** Note: This is a freemium game that has optional In-App Purchases! **
Note: In-App Purchase, Chat, and Tapjoy Offer Wall options can be disabled in a Personal Controls area in the Options menu.
Didn't get your gems or having a problem? Check out our support FAQ at !