Blackwing Descent: A Thrilling Journey Through Fire and Fury

Cataclysm's first raid, Blackwing Descent, is located in the Burning Steppes, high up on the east side on the Balcony...

Cataclysm's first raid, Blackwing Descent, is located in the Burning Steppes, high up on the east side on the Balcony of Blackrock Mountain. The raid consists of two floors. To access the lower floor, you must defeat the first three bosses: Magmaw, the Omnotron Defense System, and the Elevator. Although it might seem like a boss in itself due to the number of players who fall, the elevator is not an actual boss.

Here is a short guide for each boss in Blackwing Descent:


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Magmaw is a massive lava worm and the first boss of Blackwing Descent.


  • Pillar of Flame: Summons a geyser of flame, spawning Lava Parasites. Players should move out of the targeted area to avoid damage and kill the parasites quickly.
  • Mangle: Magmaw grabs a random player, dealing significant damage. Healers must be ready to top off the targeted player.
  • Lava Spew: Deals raid-wide fire damage. Healers need to be prepared for high group damage.
  • Head Phase: When Magmaw’s head is impaled on the spike, he takes increased damage. All DPS should focus on Magmaw during this phase.


  • Stay spread out to minimize damage from Lava Spew.
  • Quickly move out of Pillar of Flame and kill Lava Parasites.
  • Maximize DPS during the head phase for a quick kill.

Omnotron Defense System

The Omnotron Defense System features four golems: Arcanotron, Electron, Magmatron, and Toxitron. They activate sequentially and two are active at a time.


  • Arcanotron: Summons Power Generators that increase damage done by anyone standing in them. Avoid Arcane Annihilator.
  • Electron: Casts Chain Lightning and Lightning Conductor. Spread out to minimize damage.
  • Magmatron: Casts Incineration Security Measure, dealing AoE damage. Avoid standing in Acquiring Target beam.
  • Toxitron: Summons Poison Clouds and Poison Bombs. Avoid Poison Cloud and kill Poison Bombs quickly.
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  • Switch DPS to active golems and handle mechanics as they switch.
  • Utilize Arcanotron’s Power Generators for increased DPS.
  • Avoid standing in or near dangerous areas like Poison Clouds and Incineration beams.

The Elevator


  • Moves up and down


  • Do not fall down the Platform
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Jokes aside, the Elevator is not really a Boss.


Maloriak is a mad alchemist who uses vials to unleash different abilities.

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  • Vial Phases: Red, Blue, and Green phases each have unique abilities. Red causes fire damage, Blue freezes players, and Green reduces resistance and increases damage taken.
  • Release Aberrations: Summons adds that need to be controlled and killed.
  • Arcane Storm: Interruptible cast that deals raid-wide damage.


  • Coordinate interrupts for Arcane Storm.
  • Manage adds carefully, killing them in controlled waves.
  • Handle vial phases by spreading out during Red, grouping during Blue, and nuking during Green.

After you defeated Marloiak, Nefarius grants you the Title "Slayer of Stupid, Incompetent and Disappointing Minions" for 30 minutes.


Atramedes is a blind dragon who uses sound to locate players.


  • Sound Meter: Players accumulate sound; high sound levels attract more damage.
  • Sonic Breath: A beam that tracks players with high sound levels. Run to avoid it.
  • Roaring Flame Breath: Covers half the room in fire. Move to avoid.
  • Air Phase: Atramedes flies and launches fireballs. Use gongs to interrupt his attacks.
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  • Minimize sound accumulation by avoiding unnecessary movement and abilities.
  • Use gongs strategically to interrupt dangerous attacks.
  • Keep moving during Sonic Breath and Roaring Flame Breath to stay safe.


Time to take a nap....

Chimaeron is a multi-headed beast with unique healing challenges.


  • Caustic Slime: Deals significant damage but leaves players at 1 HP. Healers must quickly top them off.
  • Feud: AoE damage phase where all players need healing.
  • Phase 2: Begins at 20% HP, where Chimaeron deals massive damage and healing is ineffective. Focus on DPS to kill quickly.


  • Keep all players above 10,000 HP to survive Caustic Slime.
  • Coordinate healing during Feud phases to keep the raid alive.
  • Burn down Chimaeron quickly in Phase 2 before he overwhelms the raid.


Nefarian, along with his sister Onyxia, forms the final encounter of Blackwing Descent.


  • Phase 1: Fight Onyxia and Nefarian together. Manage Onyxia’s Electricity Charge and Nefarian’s Shadowflame Barrage.
  • Phase 2: Nefarian takes flight. Players must jump onto pillars and interrupt Nefarian’s Cinderblast.
  • Phase 3: Nefarian lands, and players must avoid fire while dealing with skeleton adds.
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  • Manage interrupts and positioning in Phase 1 to handle both dragons.
  • Quickly get to pillars in Phase 2 and interrupt casts.
  • Burn down Nefarian in Phase 3 while handling adds and avoiding fire.

By following these strategies, players can navigate the challenges of Blackwing Descent and defeat its powerful bosses.

May the tales of bravery and triumph within Blackwing Descent inspire you as you embark on your own adventures. Remember, in the face of adversity, courage and perseverance will always light the path to victory. Forge ahead, brave heroes, and may your journey be as legendary as those who have come before you.

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