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Conquer The Bastion of Twilight: Epic Boss Strategies!

Halfus Wyrmbreaker Overview: Halfus Wyrmbreaker is the first boss in the Bastion of Twilight. He comes with several drakes and...

Halfus Wyrmbreaker

Overview: Halfus Wyrmbreaker is the first boss in the Bastion of Twilight. He comes with several drakes and a Proto-Behemoth, which change each week, altering the difficulty and mechanics of the encounter.


  1. Drakes:
    • Each week, three out of five drakes will be active, providing buffs to Halfus and debuffs to the raid. The drakes are Storm Rider, Time Warden, Nether Scion, Slate Dragon, and Orphaned Emerald Whelp.
    • Freeing a drake reduces the difficulty of the encounter by removing Halfus's buffs but makes the drake attackable and join the fight.
  2. Tank Assignment:
    • Assign tanks to Halfus and any released drakes. Tanks will need to swap due to the Malevolent Strikes debuff, which reduces healing received.
  3. Raid Positioning:
    • Spread out to minimize damage from Fireball Barrage from the Proto-Behemoth.
  4. Priority Targets:
    • Focus on killing the released drakes first to weaken Halfus.
    • Interrupt Shadow Nova to prevent raid-wide damage and knockback.
  5. Handling Abilities:
    • Move out of Fireball Barrage and Fireball impact zones.
    • Dispel the Furious Roar stun as quickly as possible.

Heroic Mode: Additional drakes are active, and Halfus’s abilities are more potent. The raid will need precise coordination and quick handling of mechanics.

Valiona and Theralion

Overview: Valiona and Theralion are a twin dragon fight. They alternate between ground and air phases, each bringing unique abilities.


  1. Valiona (Ground) and Theralion (Air):
    • Valiona on the ground: Spread out to avoid Blackout and run out of Devouring Flames.
    • Theralion in the air: Avoid Twilight Blast and group up for Dazzling Destruction.
  2. Theralion (Ground) and Valiona (Air):
    • Theralion on the ground: Spread out to avoid Engulfing Magic and move away from Fabulous Flames.
    • Valiona in the air: Avoid Twilight Meteorite by spreading out and stay out of Twilight Flames.
  3. Handling Transitions:
    • During transitions, the dragons switch places. Ensure you adjust positioning accordingly.
  4. Cooldown Usage:
    • Use defensive cooldowns during Blackout and Engulfing Magic to mitigate damage.

Heroic Mode: Additional abilities such as Twilight Sentry and increased damage output require precise execution and coordination.

Ascendant Council

Overview: The Ascendant Council fight consists of three phases, each involving different elemental council members with unique abilities.

Phase 1: Ignacious and Feludius:

  • Ignacious: Avoid Flame Torrent, spread out for Aegis of Flame, and interrupt Rising Flames.
  • Feludius: Avoid Waterlogged and move out of Glaciate. Spread out to reduce damage from Heart of Ice and Frost Beacon.

Phase 2: Arion and Terrestra:

  • Arion: Move out of Lightning Rod zones, use grounding abilities during Call Winds, and avoid Chain Lightning.
  • Terrestra: Avoid Gravity Well and Quake. Stack up for Harden Skin to break it quickly.

Phase 3: Elementium Monstrosity:

  • Avoid all elemental damage zones from previous phases.
  • Interrupt Lava Seed and move out of Liquid Ice.

Heroic Mode: More frequent and powerful abilities with shorter reaction times. Proper positioning and execution are crucial.


Overview: Cho'gall is the final boss of The Bastion of Twilight, featuring two phases with increasing difficulty and corrupted blood mechanics.

Phase 1:

  • Adherent Adds: Kill them quickly and move out of Corrupting Crash and Sprayed Corruption zones.
  • Corruption: Manage the Corruption levels to prevent excessive damage and ability use.

Phase 2: Starts at 25% health.

  • Corrupting Adherent: Kill them and manage corruption levels carefully.
  • Avoid Fester Blood pools and interrupt Depravity.

Heroic Mode: Additional mechanics like Corrupted Blood require precise handling and raid coordination.

Sinestra (Heroic Only)

Overview: Sinestra is a Heroic-only encounter after Cho'gall.

Phase 1:

  • Interrupt Wrack and manage the debuff carefully.
  • Kill the eggs quickly to avoid excessive damage.

Phase 2:

  • Focus on whelps and interrupt Twilight Blast.
  • Manage Twilight Essence and avoid damaging zones.

Phase 3:

  • Avoid Orbs of Twilight and spread out for Twilight Slicer.
  • Burn down Sinestra while handling mechanics from previous phases.

Note: Sinestra requires precise coordination and handling of debuffs.

These guides provide an overview of each encounter's mechanics and strategies. Successful completion will depend on precise execution and coordination within your raid team. Good luck!

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