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Experience the Medieval World Like Never Before with Manor Lords New Update!

Manor Lords, the medieval strategy game that has captivated players since its launch, is back with a new update that...

Manor Lords, the medieval strategy game that has captivated players since its launch, is back with a new update that promises to elevate the experience to unprecedented heights. This early access title by solo developer Slavic Magic has already made waves in the gaming community, achieving impressive records and earning a "very positive" rating on Steam. Let's dive into what makes this game so special and what the latest update brings to the table.

What is Manor Lords?

In Manor Lords, you step into the shoes of a medieval ruler tasked with growing a small village into a bustling city. But this game isn't just about city-building; it's a rich tapestry of tactical battles, economic management, and social activities. Manor Lords offers a unique blend of organic city-building, where you have full freedom to place and rotate buildings without a grid, mimicking the natural growth of medieval towns influenced by trade routes and landscape.

Historical Realism at Its Finest

The game doesn't adhere to a specific century, but every building is meticulously crafted based on historical references from 11th to 15th century Europe. You'll find yourself plowing fields with oxen, herding sheep on open pastures, and managing iron production in a bloomery. The attention to detail extends to the changing seasons and weather, which can significantly impact your town, adding layers of realism and immersion.

Large Scale Battles

No medieval experience would be complete without epic battles. Manor Lords delivers large-scale unit formations where morale, flanking, fatigue, and weather conditions play crucial roles. Whether you're positioning cavalry, fortifying walls, or deploying siege engines like trebuchets, strategic command can turn the tide of war. Even a smaller force can triumph with the right tactics.

What's New in the Latest Update?

The newly released update 0.7.975 brings several exciting enhancements to Manor Lords:

  1. Improved Warentransport: Four additional handcarts for the Tier 2 warehouse enable faster and more efficient transportation of goods, significantly impacting gameplay.
  2. Reduced Load Times: Optimizations have reduced loading times, making for a smoother and more enjoyable experience.
  3. Agricultural Upgrades: Enhancements in crop cultivation make farming more efficient and rewarding.
  4. Pathfinding Improvements: Better pathfinding algorithms ensure smoother movement and interactions within your growing town.
  5. Bug Fixes: Numerous bug fixes address issues that could previously cause game crashes, improving overall stability and performance.

Why Manor Lords Stands Out

Manor Lords stands out in the crowded field of strategy games due to its meticulous attention to historical detail, organic city-building mechanics, and the depth of its tactical combat. The game's use of Unreal Engine adds a layer of visual fidelity that makes every season change, battle, and town expansion feel incredibly lifelike.


With its latest update, Manor Lords is better than ever, offering a more polished, immersive, and strategic experience. Whether you're a fan of city-building, historical realism, or large-scale battles, Manor Lords has something to offer. Don't miss out on what many are calling the definitive medieval strategy game of our time. Dive into the world of Manor Lords and see if you have what it takes to build and rule a thriving medieval fiefdom!

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