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Conqueror's Blade Silver Coins For Sale

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About Conqueror's Blade

Lead your armies in the conquest of a persistent open world in this spectacular free-to-play multiplayer game of action and tactics, one that seamlessly combines visceral medieval combat with immersive tactical command over the men and machinery of war.

Conqueror’s Blade’s innovative hybrid of action and tactical gameplay challenges players with becoming the ultimate war general by forming alliances with other leaders, equip period-accurate armor and field iconic units from both Western and Eastern civilizations such as the Swiss Halberdiers, Iron Buddhas, Mongol mounted archers and Samurai.

Select one of the many classes and dive into the heat of battle to tip the scales of the war in your favor! Use the pros of each class to their fullest and gain an advantage over your opponents. Players choose from ten commanders, each with their own fighting style and weaponry. Can a Japanese nodachi withstand a clash against a Swiss halberd, and will be a Hospitaller’s lance be swift enough to charge a recurved Mongol bow? Answers to centuries-old questions will be finally settled on the field of battle.

Form your own armies from the world's best units. Bring your cavalry down upon the enemy! Unleash heavy armored warriors! Make your call! Units' special abilities and various formations allow for unlimited tactical maneuvers! The players are the vanguard; personally, protecting the battering rams while under fire from death-dealing arrows - all while looking to exploit an overextended enemy and secure the choke points required to emerge victorious.

Take part in massive fortress sieges. Pick the perfect moment to unleash heavy siege weapons, smash the enemy's defenses, and win! With commanders perched at ramparts and enormous trebuchets hurling burning boulders at the battling armies, Conqueror’s Blade delivers unforgettable battlescapes and a visceral medieval combat experience. With more than 1000 units charging the enemy at the same time, 30 commanders and their wisely chosen, battle-hardened troops will face off in attempts to outmaneuver the opposition.

Form valuable alliances, crush the enemy, and extend your influence all over the world. Players explore the fictional, mysterious heart-shaped continent for as far as their army can take them -- and where skirmishes over resources are inevitable. A key task for player guilds is how to organize their commanders and cooperatively plot to conquer each region, all while building and upgrading infrastructure and recruiting for the armies that will protect the spoils of war.

Go on to become, not only the greatest general, but a great ruler! Turn your castle into an impregnable bastion at the heart of your kingdom.

Kingdoms will wither and die without healthy trade, so set up your economy with an eye on the markets and diplomatic options open: it makes all the difference between a house and an empire! Trade coins and items at the Auction House, buy basic equipment from Merchants, or take risks on the Black Market to sell off rare materials for silver or gold.