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Prepare to enter the post-apocalyptic world of Crossout with our exceptional assortment of gear and items. The Market is your gateway to an intense vehicular combat experience, offering a diverse range of treasures to customize your war machine and dominate the wasteland battles.

Customization at Your Fingertips:

Explore a captivating array of items meticulously curated to cater to every engineer's creative vision. From powerful weapons that deal devastating damage to sturdy armor that fortifies your vehicle, our collection ensures you're equipped to build the meanest machine on the battlefield.

Deadly Weapons of Destruction:

Behold an awe-inspiring arsenal of powerful weapons, each crafted to suit different playstyles. From heavy cannons that obliterate enemies from a distance to rapid-fire machine guns that mow down foes up close, Gamer Choice caters to every warrior's preferred combat tactics.

Robust Armor and Plating:

Shield your vehicle from enemy attacks with our selection of sturdy armor and plating. Whether you seek reinforced panels that deflect incoming fire or versatile frames that offer balanced protection, our collection empowers you to endure the fiercest battles.

Functional Modules for Superiority:

Enhance your vehicle's performance with our assortment of functional modules. From advanced engines that boost your speed to sophisticated radars that track enemies, Gamer Choice provides you with the means to outmaneuver and outwit your rivals.

Custom Cosmetic Parts:

Personalize your war machine with our variety of cosmetic parts. Whether you seek intimidating spikes that strike fear into enemies or sleek decals that reflect your style, our collection allows you to create a vehicle that stands out on the wasteland battleground.

About Crossout

Crossout is a post-apocalyptic vehicular combat game, where players can create battle machines from scratch.


The game is set in the universe of Hard Truck Apocalypse (aka Ex Machina), a game from the same Targem Games developer, and serves as its prequel. The game takes place 20 years after an apocalyptic event called Crossout. In 2027 a viral disease pandemic swept across the Earth, driving most people insane. Some committed suicide, some died when nuclear bombs were set off. Many of the survivors have mutated, became aggressive and formed gangs to patrol the wasteland on their hand-made vehicles.


The player has to fight enemy characters (in PvE modes) and other players (in PvP battles) using armored cars. Victories increase the player',s reputation and allow him or her to join various factions and craft their deadly weapons. There are missions the player can complete to earn more fame, money, and spare parts to customize his or her car. The game features advanced damage model, which means that any part of a vehicle can be shot off during a battle. For example a player can lose all wheels and get his car immobilized.


The game offers a variety of options for customization. Every player can assemble his or her unique car from scratch from dozens of spare parts. The cabin and the frame are the only two obligatory parts, the rest is up to the player. He or she can enhance the vehicle with weapons, armor, accelerators and other devices to fit his or her driving style. However, the design has to be practical and balanced at least to some extent. Awkwardly built vehicles can lose control or flip over. The blueprints of crafted vehicles can be shared on the ',Exhibition',, where players can like and download them, to create a similar car or improve the original design. Game also offers automatic vehicle craft system, which will build a battle machine from the parts in player',s storage.